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Great Spirit feather by Okarnillart Great Spirit feather by Okarnillart
Here is my Great Spirit feather, it is a dyed goose feather painted and beaded by me.

The painting shows a young Native American warrior sitting on his bay pinto horse offering thanks to the Great Spirit for a safe return to his land. The horse is standing on a high plateau above a lovely green valley, and above him the evening creeps in and the stars are showing (look carefully at the stars as there is something hidden there)

The feather has tan leather tassels (slightly rough for effect), and black, white, red, bone and brown beading - please note the beading is ok but not spectacular! (I needs more practice lol)

There are other closeup pictures in my gallery of this feather.

Price is £25 inclusive of postage within the UK - for friends further afield just send me a note and I'll find out how much to send it to you.
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chaoticXinsane Featured By Owner May 10, 2010

As for the beading, don't sweat it. It's tradition to leave at least one flaw in Native American artwork and craft, as it's considered essentially an insult to the Creator to create something "perfect." That's the Creator's job. XD No excuse to be sloppy, but don't concern yourself with creating perfection.

It's touching to see people so far away interested in the culture.
Okarnillart Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2010
Hey :)

Sorry I've left replying to this far too long. Thank you sooo much for your comments, it's rare I get any from someone who knows about these things and I can't tell you how much I appreciate them (wanted to sit and write a proper reply rather than just dash off a 'thank you' like I normally do) I try my best with the beading and I am improving, but thank you for the information about the Creator being the only one who can create perfection, that makes perfect sense and it is something I will remember for all future projects.

There's lots of people here in the UK interestedin the culture, and the artwork. I must admit tho what I'd give to see real native beading in situ as it were....

Thank you SOOO much for commenting and brightest blessings to you.
chaoticXinsane Featured By Owner Jun 3, 2010
My loom broke before I got good at beadwork. XD

If you ever want to look for a vacation opportunity you'll never see again, look up Crow Canyon Archaeological Center in Colorado. They offer programs for adults that are week long working on-site digging with the archaeologists. They spend a lot of time teaching you about the Zuni/Navajo cultures and their little museum room has beadwork and weaving and painted pottery hundreds of years old that they found.

Not to mention it's just absolutely breathtaking out there. I have a flikr account with my stock photos from the trip that everyone's free to with attribution. My group was digging at Goodman Point Pueblo.

Oh yeah, and there's Mesa Verde National Park right there where I got to see wild mustangs. :D I was so moved to see them it brought tears to my eyes.
Okarnillart Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2010
Oh god I wish I could!! It's my dream to visit america someday - and go looking for native art.. Sigh, I doubt it's ever gonna happen but I can dream.
Okarnillart Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2008
aw thank you :)
ArtByJodie Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
one word . . . WOW!!
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